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David Turland
Early settlers of the Woodford & Yangery districts, which were amongst the earliest areas settled in Victoria, who they were and where they came from. The book also reveals the original inhabitants, the Aboriginals and how their lives changed after the arrival of settlers. Part II of the book consists of details of over 100 settlers and their families, selected because they had some connection to the district. Hard covered - 185 pages including index Dysons Ford $45.00 $13.90
Margaret Jansen & Bertram Wallace
A history of the Wallaces of Nullawarre and the Burleighs of Cudgee - Published November 2001 - Hard covered 391 pages including index Fermanagh Heritage $20.00 $13.90

Compiled by Marie Boyce Revised by David Turland

Revised 2010 with extended index and edits - Soft covered - 49 pages including index The Dawn of Woodford $15.00  
Marguereta Williams
The origins and history of the Glare family - published 2002, medium soft covered Sans Peur $5.00 $8.50
Mary Reddrop
A convict marries an immigrant girl - published 2000 - small soft covered - 210 pages including index Leatherwood Honey for Gail $5.00 $8.50
Mary Reddrop
About James Henry Roberts with the 37th Battalion A.I.F. - small hard covered - 131 pages with footnotes Jim's Story $5.00 $8.50
Compiled by Warrnambool Family History Group
Pioneers Register Warrnambool Township & Shire, 1839-1900. Two volumes, 700+ pages, 10,000+ individuals Pioneer Register $20.00 $13.90