A variety of books and booklets on local history and people.

From Tents & Tin Huts to Timber Houses & Tiger Snakes - James Affleck. Cost $30 plus ph up to 2 books $13  4-5 books $16 - click here to purchase

SILENT LIVES  $30.  To Purchase click here

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People who passed this way - booklets

  1. Port Personalities
  2. Men of Yesteryear
  3. Women of the West
  4. Colourful Characters
  5. Pioneer Parade

Hotels - booklets

  1. Share of Public Patronage: Otway & Olive Branch hotel
  2. Best Ales, Wines and Spirits: Union hotel, W'bool/Wall's family/Marine hotel
  3. First Class Accommodation and Stabling: Red lion/Stprk/Princess Royal,Flying Buck/Farmers' Arms/Turf Club
  4. Civility to Customers: Hopkins Ferry/Hopkins Hotel, Royal Exchange, Royal Exchange (Liebig St) (Banyan St)
  5. Every Attention Paid: Royal Hotel (Kelp St), Royal Archer, Hibernian/Globe
  6. Charges Strictly Moderate: Pieter Both, Terminus/Railway Terminus/Railway, Hopkins
  7. Commodious Premises: W'bool Club/Union Club, Prince of Wales, Ferrell's/Raglan Parade/Hennessy's/O'Mealey's
  8. Every Convenience to Visitors: Anglers'Rest/Rising Sun, National, Rob Roy/Victorian Market
  9. Good Cuisine: Bren Boiroimhe, Limerick, Plogh & Harrow, Punt Inn/Queensferry, Hotel Mansions
  10. Excellent Remunerative Trade: Bush Inn (Wangoom) Union/Junction (Bushfield) Southern Cross, Yangery Prince Hotel
  11. Superior Quality of Liquors: Allansford, Crown, Cudgee, Eagle Tavern (Purnim Rd) Globe Hotel (Purnim Rd) Grasmere
  12. Due Regard for Comfort: Brefney Framlingham) Bridge Inn (Caramut Rd) Halfway (Mortlake Rd) Panmure, Purnim, Royal Oak (Purnim Rd)
  13. A Lucrative Business: Commercial (Panmure) Cooleys/Taylors/Eckers Hotel, Fox & Hound (Winslow) Lady of the Lake (Winslow) Mailors Flat, Royal Archer (Coroit St) Winslow Inn/Hotel
  14. An Artistic Triumph: Ozone Coffee Palace / Ozone Hotel / Hotel Mansions
  15. A well Managed House:

BBM Bruce Morris (Former editor of W'bool Standard) - booklets

  1. BBM One: Twenty five articles about Warrnambool
  2. BBM Two: Twenty articles about Warrnambool

Helpman - booklets

  1. Aboard the Beagle: Extracts from diaries of Lt Frank Helpman 1839, 1840, 1851
  2. Captain Helpman: His years in Warrnambool 1858. Harbour Master 1859-1869

Warrnimble - booklets

  1. Warrnimble One: 5 articles on aspects of early W'bool
  2. Warrnimble Two: 5 articles on aspects of early W'bool

Henry Worland - booklets

  1. Fifteen Pen Portraits: Brief biography of W'bool historians
  2. Worland on Warrnambool: Fourteen radion talks by Henri Worland 1940's
  3. Worland Writes: Ten lectures. Articles on historical aspects of W'bool institutions

MONOGRAPHS - booklets

  • Alien to Us: 19th Century Indian labour in Warrnambool district
  • Bank Notes: Early banks in Warrnambool
  • Cultured Man: The life and times of Joseph Archibald
  • Cart del Visite: Warrnambools Photographers from 1850s - mid 20thc
  • Days of their Lives: Some amusing and colourful excerpts from 19thc  W'bool newspapers
  • Lance Patent Pan Co. Letterbook: George Lance, company correspondence
  • Nobby: The story of W.F.G Nettleton
  • Old Dob: Joseph Dobson. Also Father Patrick Scanlan
  • Ornament to the Town: Warrnambool Mechanics' Institute
  • Pride of the South: Anthology of poetry written about the local area by early poets
  • Second to None: Warrnambool National School 1849-1876
  • Shake Rattle and Roll: Two earthquakes 1903 - From the Standard
  • Trips and Treks: Reports of trips made east of Warrnambool c19th
  • Warrnambool and Federation: W'bool's part in Federation
  • Warrnambool Timeline: And short history of Warrnambool 1835-2011
  • Warrnambool's Historians and Historical Societies
  • Wreck of the Loch Ard: As reported in the Warrnambool Gardian 1878


  • Silent Lives: Women of Warrnambool and District 1840 to 1910. Written by Elizabeth O'Callaghan $30
  • Fields of War: Soldiers letters home $30
  • For King & Country: 2nd edition. WW1 Enlistments from W'bool & District $30
  • From Tents & Tin Huts to Timber & Tiger Snakes - James Affleck $30 pa up to 2 books $13


  • Streets Ahead: Street Names of Warrnambool. Origin of their names $15
  • Bullock Teams and Bullockies  $10
  • Dawn of Woodford  $15
  • Exploring Shipwrecks of Western Victoria $10
  • Great Warrnambool Exhibition   $10
  • Jones Girls' Bounty   $40 softcover
  • Leading Lights $10
  • Many Tenants of Liebig Street   $30
  • Nature of Warrnambool   $10
  • Sans Peur: the origins and history of the Glare family $5
  • Warrnambool Pioneers' Register Vol. 1 & 2 $20 set
  • Writing a Family History $5
  • Formanagh Heritage $20
  • Dysons Ford (Early Woodford) $45.00
  • Leatherwood Honey for Gall $5
  • Warrnambool Commercial Review $10