Warrnambool a City


In May 1918 Warrnambool became only the forth non metropolitan town in Victoria to achieve the status of a city. Warrnambool's steady progress since becoming a town in 1883 combined with the economic impetus and inflation of the war, had increased the rate revenue to a level entitling it to become a city. The celebrations on the day of proclamation, 23 May 1918, were somewhat subdued due to the war, but there was nonetheless a large crowd in front of the Town Hall to hear the Governor, Sir Arthur Stanley, make the official proclamation, Sir Arthur's speech was mildly condescending and concluded as follows:

whether the reading of the proclamation had the magic effect of transforming the town into a city or not he could not say, but if any words of his were required to complete the transformation he would hereby make use of the magic formula and declare the 'Warrnambool is now a city' (The Standard, 27 August 1918) C.E. Sayers

Warrnambool City By The Sea

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Warrnambool Standard

Warrnambool Standard