Ozone Hotel



This hotel ranks as one of the finest and most luxuriantly comfortable of Australian hotels. The structure itself is an artistic triumph. The bedrooms, sitting rooms and dining rooms are spacious; while the whole building, in its comfort and magnificence, more closely resembles the, palatial hotels of

the Orient and America than most others in Australasia. From its tower, rising above the imposing four-storied structure, a delightful view is obtained of the town, and on the landward side a splendid panorama of hill and dale, of well-tilled field and rolling pasture; while, to the south stretches the illimitable expanse of the great Southern Ocean. The Ozone is situated in the centre of the town; the main entrance is in Kepler street. A fine archway, surmounted by a pediment, and flanked by two smaller arcuated openings, leads into a loggia or porch. From this a doorway gives access to the entrance hall, beautifully decorated with pictures and artistically finished. There are 15 arches, supported on graceful columns, with foliated capitals in the hall, which is not surpassed in the Southern Hemisphere. The architecture is an example of the "classic Renaissance, designed in the free spirit of the Queen Anne period," and the whole ensemble, in-side and out, is in keeping. The coolness of the hallway is indicative of the object sought to be obtained in the building; scientific arrangement, so as to secure the utmost coolness in a warm climate. In this, as in other respects, it resembles an Indian mansion. The hall is well lighted with art glass windows, and its spacious proportions, its beauty of design, and its artistic decorations combine to produce a very fine effect. A handsome staircase takes its rise with broad and easy steps, and ascends in a splendidly lighted staircase hall, in alternate. single and double flights, to the top story. Roomy and well lighted corridors give access to the rooms on each floor. The building consists of five stories. The basement contains a large meeting room, sample rooms for commercial travellers, store rooms, a photographic dark room, and bicycle stable. To the tourist and the seaside visitor the Ozone affords most pleas-ant and comfortable accommodation. It is an admirable house for ladies, as the dining and drawing rooms upstairs enable them to live as comfortably as in their own homes. Its telephone connection is another advantage, and the courtesy and attention quietly and unobtrusively paid to the visitors by the management adds much to the general comfort. The internal management of the hotel is exceptionally good. It is more like that of a private house than of a public hotel. The comfort of visitors is studied in every way, and their stay is made exceptionally pleasant by the courtesy that is manifested to them. The cuisine is excellent, the wines supplied are of the best brands. The Ozone is an exceptionally convenient centre to re-side at, and is always largely, patronised during the summer months by visitors from all parts of the colonies. The proprietor, Mr. Thomas Randall, whose experience of English, Continental and Indian life has well fitted him for the position, has spared no trouble and expense to make the Ozone, at Warrnambool, the most fashionable health and pleasure resort of Victoria.

Leader (Melbourne, Vic. 1862 - 1918), Saturday 16 December 1899, page 5 - TROVE

Our historian Janet Macdonald spoke to Jeremy Lee of Warrnambool’s ABC South West Victoria in 2011


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