Fletcher Jones Stories Warrnambool

An enthusiastic band of people are compiling the stories of Fletcher Jones and the life around him. Go to Fletcher Jones Stories web site, you will be amazed.

Below is a snapshot from the FJ web site

Fletcher Jones (FJ) Stories is a collection of stories, anecdotes and images of Warrnambool’s past and ongoing connection to Fletcher Jones - the man, the business and the Pleasant Hill Factory site in Warrnambool. This is the home of the much loved Silver Ball and Fletcher Jones Gardens.  Both were state heritage listed in 2006, along with other parts of the Pleasant Hill site.  

FJ Stories does not aim to tell the comprehensive story of the Fletcher Jones business in Australia, which at its peak encompassed 55 stores, three factories and employed around 3,000 people.  We've focused on Pleasant Hill and the Warrnambool connection.  Fletcher Jones and his business became synonymous with Warrnambool and both played a huge role over several decades in the life and prosperity of the town and the thousands of people who were employed there. We do tell some of the story of the man himself with a focus on what influenced his inspirational business and personal philosophy. But there are more comprehensive accounts of the man and the business.  You will find some links from this website.  

The Pleasant Hill site looked lost after many years of neglect until its purchase by Dean Montgomery in May 2014.  A community campaign to highlight our community’s connection to the FJ Story in Warrnambool started in 2012. Led by artists and community groups, the deterioration of the Pleasant Hill site steadily gained attention as people shared stories, photos, artworks and movies inspired by the FJ story, FJ Gardens and the Silver Ball. A small band of volunteers kept the gardens alive in those years. The FJ Stories project grew from some of what was shared during the community campaign.