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Vol 45, No.1      Spring 2011

Warnimble – source of spelling
Collection acquisition –wedding dress (Wilton)
Ellerslie House
Preservation of textiles
Spurgeon – the people’s preacher
Christmas holidays
Recent research – sinking of the Nestor
Hidden treasure – Ardlie gift from Gilles
Recent research – Ferrier of La Bella rescue
Hidden treasure – Melba’s bag

Vol 46, No.1      Autumn 2012

Bathing at Warrnambool
Peter Hand & Sons Pt1
Eva Gaspar – printer and musician
Resources – Warrnambool Census 1850
Two early Warrnambool botanists – Henry Watts Samuel Hannaford
Resources – McDowell family Unusual beach events – Jamesa Singh, Thomas Osborne
Aitkin microscope
Monuments & memorials – Lone Pine at Botanic Gardens
Bathing regulations 1912
Recent research – Pratt photos
Cycling in Warrnambool district
Basil Watson – early aviator

Vol 46, No.2      Winter 2012

Lake Gillear School No.2292
Warrnambool South School No.1902
Early Warrnambool private schools
The first Warrnambool High School
An upright man – Walter Robb
Florence Collins
Allansford School No.3
Warrnambool Technical School
Allans Forest School No.1086
Winslow School No.654
Monurments & memorials –WWI Roll of Honour School No.1743
Warrnambool East School No.4773
Recent research –Isabella Kent

Vol 46, No.3      Spring 2012

Warrnamboolians in the Russian Revolution?
Diaries – in the collection
Monuments & memorials –Gordon monument
Recent research – John Hazelwood Worrall
Foster McConnell
Peter Hand & Sons Pt2
From the writings of Henri Worland
Quenching our thirst – cordial and aerated waters manufacturers
Embroidered postcards
Hidden treasure – Oliver Blayney illuminated address
Women and the franchise

Vol 47, No.1      Autumn 2013

Tribute to Reg Smith
Carrakoorte Farm in 1895
Warrnambool Historical Society 1961
Old shoes -222 Timor Street
Reg’s recollections
Café Lava -235-237 Lava Street
Lance Pan Co Letterbook
Monuments & memorials – Oarsmen’s Cenotaph
Some writers of the Standard
Recent research – Warrnambool Technical School
WDHV beginnings – historical vehicle club
The bushman’s day
Sign here please – Eleanor Bayer (p.388.15), TJ Rome

Vol 47, No.2      Winter 2013

John Searle Rowley
The Magic of Miss Merri
Brewery advertisements
Warrnambool Hospital letter book
Sheldrick’s Brewery
Resources – Fletcher Jones
Jenolan, Timor Street
Resources – Pleasant Hill
Warrnambool Mechanics’ Institute
Monuments & memorials – DW Jones Oval
Fruit preserving
Exports from Victoria 1909-1910

Vol 48, No.1      Autumn 2014

Building project – HeritageWorks
Train of Knowledge
Temperance movement in Warrnambool
Warrnambool businesses with branches
Philanthropic Trusts
Mozart Choral Group
Resources –Official Post Office Directory 1851
Monuments & memorials – Allansford Recreation Reserve Pavilion and gates
HeritageWorks opening
Hidden Treasure – a silken treasure
Warrnambool Pioneers – pioneer board
‘Wing’ Oakley
A Vice-Regal visit to the bush

Vol 48, No.2      Winter 2014

Then & now – Liebig Street
Newspaper collection
Red Cross in Warrnambool
Thomas O’Callaghan - policeman
Wangoom Red Cross Unit
In search of Mount Mellick - embroidery
Liebig Street in the Nineties (1890s)
Agricultural show medals
Frederick Williamson
Resources – researching soldiers
Doing business in Liebig Street
Monuments & memorials – Hickford sundial
79 Liebig Street

Vol 48, No.3      Spring 2014

Then & now – railway station
Warrnambool Agricultural High School
Beer houses in Warrnambool
Film photography
Murder at Warrnambool police station
Monuments & memorials – Naringal SS Roll of Honor
Mr Curnick’s talk – railway station
Manifold and Bostock
Rosehill, Grassmere

Vol 49, No.1      Autumn 2015

WWI Warrnambool
Ludwig Leichhardt letters
Tribute to Les O’Callaghan
Monuments & memorials – commemorative graves
Stone quarries of Warrnambool
Gallipoli 1915
Victorian Collections
Caves around Warrnambool
Warrnambool Technical School
Hidden treasure – Victorian School Papers
Resources - labels

Vol 49, No.2      Winter 2015

Exhibition –What did you do in the war Warrnambool?
Raasay Highlanders’ church - Purnim
Niel Black and the Caledonian Games
Over the sea to South Warrnambool –Pt1
Camera Remembers – feature in the Standard
Airlie – Henna Street
WDHS early open days
Hidden treasure – tartans sample book
Hidden treasure – Warrnambool Pipe Band
Cramond & Dickson
AIGS –Warrnambool area
Elizabeth Powell
Early Warrnambool funeral directors
Immigrants Wall – John & Isabella McLeod 1854
Monuments & memorials – Bruce drinking fountain
Resources – Highland & Island Emigration Society
FJ Stories project
Rev Robert Sutherland
Early photography in Warrnambool

Vol 49, No.3      Spring 2015

Then & now – Heatherlie, Koroit Street
The school on the hill – Hyland Street
Over the sea to South Warrnambool –Pt2
Monuments & memorials – John Murray’s grave
Henry Sheffield – librarian
John Murray –politician
Ernest Brighton Phillips
Summer Hill, Allansford
3WAY-FM timeline 1984-2010
Recent research – history detectives
Museum history – Warrnambool’s 19thC museum
Collingwood Ramblers

Vol 50, No.1      Autumn 2016

Kepler Street
Clifton Banks – on Hopkins River
Banyan Street
Recent research – Port of Warrnambool
Major Thomas Redford
Monuments & memorials – Ex-servicewomen, National servicemen
Conundrum! –who was W McAree
London letter – from Orford Chritchlow, 1917
Art Unions in the 19th century
Motoring advertisements in the Standard Almanacs

Vol 50, No.2      Winter 2016

Then & now – Mortlake Road roundabout
Cricket in 1864
Spearing eels
Monuments & memorials – Lyndoch horse trough
Lake Pertobe
Fashion in the 1940s
Mrs Rowan’s Music House
Resources – business stationery
Warrnambool as I remember it -1920-1930s
Women’s Suffrage Petition 1891 – Catherine King
Pioneer Board beyond Warrnambool
Signs of the times
Archie Graham MBE
Saga of the Nestle cottages
Hidden treasure - 1906 postcards
Radio 3YB origins
Ships trading to Warrnambool Port -19thC

Vol 50, No.3      Spring 2016

Corners – Koroit & Henna Streets
End of an era – Leahy’s Electrical
Smart’s store, Allansford
South-Western Harmonicas – Warrnambool
Early Warrnambool chemists
Bridget’s rose –garden treasures
Warrnambool’s Rhodes Scholars-Phillip Le Couteur
Women’s Suffrage Petition 1801 –Elizabeth Law
Henry Beaufoy Merlin – photographer
Monuments & memorials – Primary Producers’ Union
Flour mills in early Warrnambool
Found in the Files – the race that never was WDHS collection
River floods – Hopkins & Merri
Richard Henry
In the front yard

Vol 51, No.1      Autumn 2017

Then & Now - Dooleys Hill
George Thomas Le Couteur
Private hospitals in Warrnambool
Letters from the Front
Woollem Mill Employees Patriotic Fund
Monuments & memorials – Grasmere Primary School
John Mackersey's Victoria Journal
Warrnambool's Centenary parade
Warrnambool's Rhodes Scholars Pt2-John C Eccles
Hidden Treasure - Carmichael tea cup
Phillip Le Couteur diary
Scribbles!         (Andrew Suggett)
What did you do in the war Warrnambool?
Recent acquisitions -programs

Vol 51, No.2      Winter 2017

Then & now – History House
Brief history of Rotary Club of Warrnambool East
Victorian Collections Award
Research sidelines – Percy Grainger Ada Crossley
Dr Isabella Younger Ross
What is my address? Former Church of Christ
Younger Ross Maternal & Child Welfare Centre
Postcards – WWI
Home & Family Week 1953
Pioneer Board Project
Bachelor Betty
Culinary conundrum
Museum pieces
Through the lens – St John’s Presbyterian Church fire
Cows – cultural significance to Warrnambool
Hidden treasure –fairings
Butter for our bread
Hidden treasure –silver objects
Brief history of milking machines
Resources – Henry Jacobs Auction Sale Notices
Milk bottles and ice blocks
Odd spot
Manual of Microbiology

Vol 51, No.3      Spring 2017

Foyle photos
Check out … WDHS
Life Membership – Glenys Phillpot
Lilian Foyle
Hard work and happy times
Pioneers Board Appeal
Country Women’s Association
Motor accident – South Warrnambool
Ladies’ basketball associations
Robin Wright
Warrnambool City Croquet Club
Blanche Sadler
Ladies’ Seaside Bowling Carnival
Mrs Murdock’s fire
Resources – Tourist guides
Resources – dockets and invoices
Warrnambool Base Hospital Junior Ladies’ Auxiliary
Madame Somerset Stanley
Red Cross Service
Through the Lens
How Elsie spends the day at the cookery centre
Warrnambool Ladies’ Pipe Band
Hidden Treasure – culinary aids
Hidden Treasure – German Mother’s Cross
William & Ellen Donald – Tea in the Gardens
Warrnambool Marching Girls’ Association
Sarah Ann Granter
Warrnambool City Council’s women leaders
Ethel Clara Swallow
Recent acquisitions – Gladys Holmes collection
An apple for the teacher – Mary Jellie
Monuments & memorials – Sister Mona Wilton
Barriers to education and a career
Puzzled – quiz and prize
Rachel Davies (nee McGhie)
Book launch – Silent Lives
Isabella Macdonald (nee McCauley)

Vol 52, No.1      Autumn 2018

Early Warrnambool Chemists-Ryan
What is my address
Resources - newsagents, stationers & booksellers

Swimming and camping memories
Pioneers Board conservation
Memorial Olympic Swimming Pool
On display - Lucy Winkler’s wedding dress
Swimming statistics 1958
AG Bendall - race handicapper
Sun, sea and sand
Sister Hope Weatherhead
Market Day 1918
WCC commemorative medallion
Mayoral regalia
Place of Deposit (POD)
Warrnambool’s Municipal milestones
Hidden Treasure - Corrigan trophy

Vol 52, No.2      Winter 2018

Aroona, Princess St
Elliott Motor Car
President’s Pen
Home Management 1960 style
Early history of motion pictures in Warrnambool
What is my address? -58 Fairy St
Warrnambool’s picture theatres
Olive Mary Josephine Ardlie
Morse cinema advertisements
Signs of the times
Geography of Victoria
Warrnambool’s Town Hall
Dr Lovel Byass
Palais de Danse
John Edward Bennett - first Woollen Mill manager
The Boomerang Club
Ocean Road picture
Recent acquisitions
Les O’Callaghan
You must remember this
Fletcher Jones Factory Memories
Is this my address?
Monuments & Memorials - Warrnambool cemetery
Apprenticeships in the 19th century

Vol 52, No.3      Spring 2018

Corners - Lava & Banyan St
Flett’s cinema slides
President’s Pen
19th century sheet music
Music boxes
FJ Plus 8 man
A not so silent life-Elizabeth O’Callaghan
Annie Osborn
Resources-death & burial records
Publication-Bravo! (Boer War)
Senior of the Year awards - J Macdonald, P Varley
Princeland - the colony that never was
Children’s flower day
Pioneers Board conservation
Publication-Soldiering On: Caramut
Value of historical records
Camp pocket candlestick
Gold finding by earthquake
What is my address? RSL
Fire at sea-ship Eastern City
Monuments & memorials - at RSL
Recent acquisitions
Cheese please! Kraft
Post Office scales
Charlie Chaplin visits Warrnambool
Advertising: the ‘Peace’ Xmas

Vol 53, No.1      Autumn 2019

House - Corio
The boys are back in town - Pioneer Board
President’s Pen
Dr Thomas Embling
Error-Kraft manager
Landmann family
Wombats in Warrnambool
Elizabeth McLaren Black
Through the Lens - Farnham Butter Factory
Alice Peters
Cricket snippets
Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-19
Some Warrnambool butchers
Early nursing
What is my address? Dursley Cottage
Vera Giles
Hidden treasure - Mrs Cam’s opera coat
Jabez Higgins - solicitor
Hidden treasure - opera glasses
Monuments & memorials-gas light/ Bexley
Presidential hats
James Davis, baker

Vol 53, No.2      Winter 2019

How many kinds of sweet flowers grow? Burleigh
A tour in the Warrnambool district
President’s Pen
Emma McGeorge
Manifold & Bostock
Christ Church timeline
Premier Butter Co Pty Ltd
Monuments & memorials - McGeorge window
Pipe organs are part of history
There’ll always be an historical society
The Lightermen
What is my address? Robins School of Dancing
The old Warrnambool tramway
Tower Hill & the Field Nats
Where were you on 21 July 1969? Moon landing
Shrader Park
Through the Lens - Allansford football premiers 1902
Recent acquisitions
Citizenship Award winners
Souvenir ware
Some Wilsons of early Warrnambool
Queen Victoria’s influence on Warrnambool
Atkinson Brothers butchers

Vol 53, No.3      Spring 2019

Hopkins River bridge
Lessons in agriculture
President’s Pen
A message from the past - Les O’Callaghan
A Conscience girl-Vera Deakin & the Red Cross
What is my address? Gorrie shop 1887
Australian Prisoners of War (WWI)
Monuments & memorials - Warrnambool district
Warrnambool streets
Life Membership-Janet Macdonald
Remembrance Day, Silent Lives, Victorian Collections
Awards-C Heathcote, E O’Callaghan
Two New Zealand engineers links with Warrnambool
Cryptic towns & villages of SW Victoria
Sale yards vote
Recent acquisitions
Through the Lens - Plumbe children
You must remember this-Greys tobacco soldier
Chinese settlers in Warrnambool
New on the bookshelf - Tarrone Estate soldier settlers
Cemetery walks

Vol 54, No.1      Autumn 2020

A year to remember
Resources - HeritageWorks recipe book
President’s Pen
Marmaduke Fisher
Strange tale of the SS Ferret
Warrnambool house styles
Through the Lens - The Melodians
Jane Carter
Entertainment - Victorian times
Joseph Randall
Little penguin in Warrnambool
Butter boxes
Can you help? Childhood memories
Warrnambool holidays
WFHG is 40!
A letter to Uncle Fred - Annie Vickers
Mrs Swinton
What am I?
Gordon Powell, clergyman & broadcaster
What is my address? McKillop Family Services
Did you know?
Cryptic towns & villages of SW Victoria
Allansford Artificial Breeders Co-op
Monuments & memorials - whisky trail
Birds in flight mural
Growing up in the 1940s
Booklets & radio talks

Vol 54, No.2      Autumn 2020-Special Edition

Can you recognize anyone? Warrnambool Tech
W&D Historical Vehicle Club emblem
President’s Pen
Margaret & Catherine Callaghan
Odd Spot
Robert Vickers
Some Warrnambool Florists
Mrs Murdock’s fire
Through the Lens - Florado float
Albert Park
1907 Cycle Race
The Wyndham Journal
Growing up in wartime
The naming of South Warrnambool
What is my address? Masonic Lodge Centre
Resources-cards, letters, envelopes

Vol 54, No.3      Winter 2020

George Bennett’s scrapbook
Through the Lens - Naringal school reunion 1931
Food parcels for Britain
Warrnambool: a progressive centre
The slow voyage of schooner Yarra
Land that flows with milk and honey
Mr WJ Parry looks back
The strange case of Mr Goble
How our pioneers lived
Ebenezer Newcombe and family
Changing dress styles
Elector’s Right
Very quick quiz!
Francis C Refshauge
Missing the footy?
Monuments & Memorials - Refshauge gates
What is my address? Warrnambool Men’s Club

Vol 54, No.4      Spring 2020

You must remember this! Palais
Old publication: school collection
Quolls: native cats in Warrnambool and South West
Through the Lens: Warrnambool rail yards
Earthquake at Warrnambool - Sarah J Hammond
Warrnambool: a progressive centre
Thomas McLeod Palmer of Tooram
Battarbee family
Pierce and Clapp
Monuments and Memorials - In Spirit, Ozone Walk
Publication - Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin
What is my address? Ozone Walk

Vol 54, No.5      Summer 2020

The extremes of 2020
Cemetery walks - sinking of the Nestor
Creeping sand
Local option voting in Warrnambool
George Rolfe
Tales over teacups
Summer days and swimming holes
Sharpe Bros and the mystery drink
Monuments and Memorials - Maclean headstone
Making history-
What is my address? Lyndoch
Permewan Wright & Co (Ltd)
The ‘other’ Warrnambool

Vol 55, No.1      Autumn 2021

Younger & Company’s Cash Store
Warrnambool Advertiser Almanacs
Who was Margaret Le Marquand?
Irving Buzzard Midwifery Prize
Tramway Shenanigans
Hidden Treasure - name plaques
Warrnambool Botanic Gardens
Through the Lens: children’s ward Humpty Dumpty
Nature Play Space
Warrnambool Hospital Midwifery Ward
Warrnambool Premier Town Submission 1961
Monuments & Memorials-Boer War memorial
Hidden Treasure-Flying Officer Russell Miller
What is my address? 4 Howard Street
Glengleeson West Soldier Settler - Ted & Nancy Nunn
Recent research: Zenner’s bakery
Kepler Street Cottage
Who am I? Dr Nick Thies
Rolfe and Lyndoch
Recent acquisitions -children’s books
Citizenship Award-Rosemary Isaac Citizenship Award - Bev Moore
Book launch: From tents & tin huts to timber houses and tiger snakes
WDHS members receiving Citizenship Award
In-house publications: People who passed this way

Vol 55, No.2      Winter 2021

Then & Now: Allansford Bridge
Hidden Treasure - WWI mermorial certificate
A Robinson & Company
William John Brens
Jack Daffy remembers
Early journalism in Western Victoria
Tooram Memorial Park
Talking to Grandma and Grandpa-oral history
HeritageWorks hazards
Collection and POD
Women’s Suffrage Petition 1891
Tents & Tin Huts
Euphemia Matthew
Daniel Clarke-photographer
What is my address? Grace Avenue
Patrick Conheady
Bits & pieces
Industrial Development - Wiggs and Robinson
Recent acquisitions
Blasts from the Past
Through the Lens-William Tyers produce store
The rabbit pelt coat
Warrnambool - the Ideal Town to sing about
In-house publication - Bravo!
Memories of old Warrnambool
Publications for sale
Bob Zenner

Vol 56, No.1    Autumn 2022

Richard Crothers
President's Pen
Photographer John Collins
What is my address?
Some Interesting Legal Documents A Scrap of Paper - McQueen Homesteads
Tim Ware's Letters
At the going down of the sun ... Why remember?
Through the lens
Cemetery walk - unusual gravestones Days of their Lives
Wall of Poppies
Parallel play - RAT testing station Recent acquisitions
What is my address?Publications - Affleck military series Research enquires
What am I doing?

Vol 56, No.2 Winter 2022

Embroiderers’ Guild-Memory Book
Through the Lens – Boer War peace, Allansford
Weights and measures
Cemetery walk – unusual graves
Water, wells and windmills
Days of their Lives – advertisements
Henry William Sharp
Wall of poppies – SW Health
Windmills in his head – James Alston
National Museum of Scotland
Who has seen the wind? Warrnambool windmills
The wonder of wireless
Josiah Windmill
Annie Fary and Agnes Fotheringham
There’s a hole in my … sock!
The Loch Ard disaster
History happening-tennis centre demolition
The Peacock and the Heron
Street scramble
Recent acquisitions – decorated apron
Recent acquisitions – Vidler scrapbook 1907-08
Soap box derby 1939
What is my address? Cnr Koroit & Fairy Streets
Through the Lens – Warrnambool State School Gr7
Annual Winter Steeplechase race card

Vol 56, No.3      Spring 2022

Two Scottish engineers and a road builder
Collection Curiosities-Original Documents
Warrnambool and the Adelaide Polo Club
What is my address? The Bungalow at Risdon
Resources - postcards
Who can forget the Forget-me-nots?
Frederick William Gazzard
Mary Gaunt, Warrnambool’s literary pioneer
Royal memorabilia – Queen Elizabeth II
Was the beautiful rabbit-rat here?
Through the Lens – Warrnambool South Rovers FC
The Tower Hill hermit
Cemetery walks 2023
Euphemia Munro
Through the Lens – Prince Charles at Wbool races
Lest We Forget - Dennington, Woolsthorpe
Recent acquisitions – school dress
Mavis Ruth Claffey
Street scramble – solution
Monuments & memorials - Woolsthorpe
Publications – books
Hidden treasure – Gala Week envelope

Vol 57, No.1      Autumn 2023

WAHS Scholarship Class 1915
SS Great Britain -emigrant ship
What is my address? Cemetery caretaker’s house
Patsy Adam Smith
Millinery and Mantles
A Wail from Ordnance Survey - poem
Madame Weigel’s Journal of Fashion
Frank Moore - photographer
A little red book -Bruce & McClure engineers
AMAGA Digitisation workshop at HeritageWorks
Through the Lens – Tawny Frogmouth
Ploughing matches
Cemetery walks – Memorials: simplicity to elaborate
Recent acquisitions: WWI camp at racecourse
Monuments & Memorials-Rev J W Arnold
Henri Worland and Daniel O’Grady
Writing practice -1920s style
John Phillips Smith
Warrnambool Hospital staff -c1915
Engineering ingenuity

Vol 57, No 2  Winter 2023

The camera never lies -or does it? Polo
The collective diaries of Augustus Bostock
What is my address? TOAD Hall
History happening -Salvation Army building
Scholarship class 1915
Great Industrial & Art Exhibition medal
What does happen at HeritageWorks?
Unlocking past family connections-Wilson sisters
Henry Watts-life, diatom, seaweeds, vicissitudes
Football in earlier times
From our collection -textiles
Through the Lens – Allansford footy team 1902
Ploughing matches
Down memory lane -Gateway Plaza
Lake Gillear
HeritageWorks screen
Roderick Urquhart
Filming at Flagstaff Hill
Monuments & Memorials -cemetery walks

Vol 57, No 3 Spring 2023

Congratulations from the King and Queen-100yrs
WWI Soldier 905: G W Poynton
A little Christmas cheer from yesteryear
My grandfather’s clock
Francis Tozer
Alderdice Brassfounders Pty Ltd
What does happen at HeritageWorks?
Warrnambool Hospital Letter Book
Monuments & Memorials-Fire Brigade Honor Roll
Sweets anyone? McKenzie’s confectionery shop
More Ardlie acquisitions
The glass teacup
Samuel Hannaford-naturalist, author, banker 
This truly noble exercise-cricket
Resources-WCC calendar 1923-24
Resources-certificates   Scouts
Mayor Martin Carter
Cemetery walks 2024
Through the Lens-Swan furniture stores
Resources-tickets  Early cricket membership ticket
Hidden Treasure-council officers’ pay 1887
What is my address? Cottage off Fairy Street
George Lance’s story of the Mahogany Ship
Storm! HeritageWorks screen destroyed
Women’s Suffrage Petition 1891-Mary Battarbee
Publications-new on the shelf
Bonnett Scrap Album

Vol 58, No 1 Autumn 2024

Congratulations from the King and Queen-100yrs
WWI Soldier 905: G W Poynton
A little Christmas cheer from yesteryear
My grandfather’s clock
Francis Tozer
Alderdice Brassfounders Pty Ltd
What does happen at HeritageWorks?
Warrnambool Hospital Letter Book
Monuments & Memorials-Fire Brigade Honor Roll
Sweets anyone? McKenzie’s confectionery shop
More Ardlie acquisitions
The glass teacup
Samuel Hannaford-naturalist, author, banker 
This truly noble exercise-cricket
Resources-WCC calendar 1923-24
Resources-certificates   Scouts
Mayor Martin Carter
Cemetery walks 2024
Through the Lens-Swan furniture stores
Resources-tickets  Early cricket membership ticket
Hidden Treasure-council officers’ pay 1887
What is my address? Cottage off Fairy Street
George Lance’s story of the Mahogany Ship
Storm! HeritageWorks screen destroyed
Women’s Suffrage Petition 1891-Mary Battarbee
Publications-new on the shelf
Bonnett Scrap Album